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Who Can Help You to Paraphrase Book without Plagiarising

Why Might You Need Help to Paraphrase Books?

paraphrase bookWhen you paraphrase another writer’s work, whether it’s a sentence, paragraph or entire book, you are taking the essence of what they are saying but using different words to help make it easier for the reader to understand. This may not seem difficult from the outset but it requires more than using synonyms to change a few words here and there. You need to have a complete understanding of what the original writer is saying and then be able to rewrite it in a way that accurately delivers the same meaning, a task made especially difficult when you rewrite books.

Writing a book is hard enough in the first place, but rewriting the book of someone else’s imagining makes it a lot harder. You will need to know and understand the contents exactly while also attempting to get inside the authors head to figure out any hidden meanings that may also be ensconced within the work. To make this even harder, academic rules state that not more than 4 consecutive words (3 in some institutions) may be used from the original work otherwise your writing will be classed as plagiarism which may result in severe punishment. So, if you still  think “How I can rewrite my paper?” or “What are methods of books rewriting?” keep reading.

Help Is Available for Rewriting the Book

rewrite bookPlagiarism will be the biggest factor you will face when taking on such a large paraphrase assignment, that and keeping the original authors meaning while trying to simplify it for your readers. It’s obviously, that you can use paraphrasing tools, but to help you carry out your rewrite book assignment, our experts have drawn up a list of helpful tips which may help prepare you for the task ahead:

  • Read and re-read the original source carefully until you are confident that you completely understand the meaning of the work.
  • Choose small sections at a time to paraphrase, this is much easier than trying to complete large chunks all at once.
  • Ignore the phrasing or wording of the original work and focus on the meaning of thesection you intend to paraphrase.
  • When you write the paraphrase, always cover the original source so that you put the meaning of it into your own words.
  • Don’t just change a couple of words and keep the original wording. At best, doing this is poor paraphrasing and at worst, even if accidental is a type of plagiarism.
  • Always double check that each paraphrased section represents the meaning of the original source.
  • Try and replace key words by using their definitions instead.
  • Switching the order of the original clauses is a great way to begin a paraphrase. This will help to ensure that you adjust the grammar and so help you avoid plagiarizing.
  • Keep checking that you have used your words and your way of expressing ideas or information and not just changing words around or putting them into a different order.
  • Paraphrases should be roughly the same length as the original. Making your paraphrase shorter may leave out important information. However, if it is significantly longer than the original, you may be adding in your own ideas and will not be clear to the reader where the source information stops and your additions begin.

“To avoid plagiarism, don’t look at the original source as you write. Also, be careful about using the copy and paste feature on your computer so that you don’t accidentally take text without rewriting it in your own words”.

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