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Tips on How to Paraphrase a Paragraph

Paraphrasing is a tough task for beginners to be completed in the right way. Paraphrasing sentences will become difficult when the content is advanced and have difficult words that are hard to understand but you should not worry because there are tips that help you.

Best Tips on How to Paraphrase a Paragraph

  • One of the important things to paraphrase paragraph is taking systematically and word by word by sentence and by paragraph. It is important that you should not just get the meaning of the paragraph but make sure you are communicating the same thing that the author wants to tell to the readers.
  • To paraphrase a paragraph, it is necessary that you should not just paraphrase word by word or by sentence, because you must need to know that every paragraph has a beginning, middle and end. In each section, you need to know the meaning and what the paragraph is all about. You need to capture the tons and the message so that your readers will be enlightened.
  • In paraphrasing, you are not required to change every word but the essential thing is that you should get the central idea and the general message. These two things must need to be preserved so that the meaning will not be changed.
  • You should not also change the facts presented in the paragraph. In paraphrasing, it is the filler words that you need to change but never changes the factual basis of each of the paragraphs. You can reorder it but never change the facts.
  • Making an outline is also essential. You need to get the main points so that you can make a good paraphrasing. You need to use different words in describing all the main ideas. You should not use the words that the author used.

In paraphrasing sentences, there is an instance that you copy words and do your best not to do it because it will be considered as plagiarism. Plagiarism is a big crime and you need to avoid it by changing original words. It is important that you change the words while getting the meaning and the main idea of the paragraph. With that in mind, you can have a successful and impressive paraphrasing.

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