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How to Paraphrase in MLA Style Guide

What Is MLA Format Style?

MLA stands for the Modern language association. It is a system which is used for the documentation of sources in academic documents. It is one of the most widely used styles, which is regularly updated. The most recent update was in 2016. It provides guidelines, which can be applied to any source, universally. The font style for MLA is Times New Roman and its size should be 12, for regular text. Margin should be of one inch on all sides. First line of the paragraph should be intended. These are just a few guidelines for the MLA style, you have to read the complete handbook of instructions for complete instructions and if you need to paraphrase in MLA you can use a paraphrasing tool.

paraphrase in mla

Different Format Styles

MLA is just one style of formatting, there are many others which are used according to the nature of the document and formatting requirements.

  • MLA: For the research paper and academic documents of literature, arts and humanities MLA is a popular style. In this style, reference is briefly citied in the text and alphabetic citation is present at the end of the document. Almost same rules are applicable for the paraphrase in MLA.
  • APA: This style is popular for the documents of education, psychology and all fields related to social sciences. It was originated in 1929 and provides guidelines about punctuation, abbreviations, construction of tables etc.
  • AMA: AMA style format is used for academic papers of medicines and biological sciences. In this style of format, citation appears in order of their appearance. Arabic superscripts numerals are used outside periods and commas.
  • Chicago style: This style is commonly used in history discipline, but there is no restriction for the use in other disciplines. This style was introduced in 1906 and popularly used since then. Like other styles it also addresses the common punctuation and grammar rules.

paraphrase in mla helpCommon Mistakes in Paraphrasing MLA Format

When it comes to MLA paraphrase, usually students make some common mistakes. Here we are discussing some of them:

  • Margins: The page margin should be of 1 inch on all sides. However, some students keep it more on the sides, which is a common mistake.
  • Explanatory notes: Extensive use of explanatory notes is not allowed in MLA format paraphrase. However, you can use notes for bibliography. You can use a separate page at the end for notes. However, majority of the students don’t have this information.
  • End notes: Usually endnotes are numbered wrongly, they should be numbered in Arabic.
  • Italicized: Instead of underlining a word or phrase, when we do rewriting MLA, we italicize the words.
  • Paper size: For Paraphrase MLA the paper size should be standard, 11” x 8.5”.
  • Citation of others work: When you do rephrase MLA, you have to use either the quotation marks or italicize the text to show that you are quoting it.

Some Useful Paraphrasing Tips

  • When you are doing paraphrasing, it’s always better to consult MLA paraphrase example first, it will give you an idea that what are the basic requirements for paraphrasing.
  • Read the original text carefully and understand the meanings before you paraphrase in AMA or any other style.
  • Don’t replace original words with the synonyms, rather change the structure of the sentence also.
  • Avoid paraphrasing sentence by sentence, rather paraphrasing paragraphs is a better strategy.
  • Once you are done, make sure you edit, and proof read your document carefully and make necessary changes.
  • If you find it difficult, it’s good to ask for paraphrase MLA help.

Our Professional Paraphrasing Services

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mla paraphrase assistanceWe have a team of experts who can paraphrase your documents in your required format, whether it is MLA, APA or any other, they can do research paper paraphrasing for you. They are well aware of the formatting rules and know all the requirements of these formatting styles. They are well trained for the paraphrasing. They have latest information about any change in the formatting, in latest edition of these styles. We provide guarantees like:

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