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Common Paraphrasing Techniques

If it’s your first time to paraphrase, there are paraphrasing techniques you can learn. If paraphrasing is a tedious and hard task for you, you should not worry because it helps you in enhancing your skills and gain more knowledge.

Common Paraphrase Technique for You

  • Select and omit information: There are people out there that are making mistakes especially novice because they are including too much and getting much detail from the source such as unnecessary information. In this case, you need to remove irrelevant details and only select the important ones.
  • Verb tenses: You need to think carefully about the verb tenses you use. You should think what verb tenses you will use in paraphrasing and most of the tenses are commonly used in certain fields such as introductions, background, theoretical discussion, discussion sections, experimental results and others.
  • Reformulation expressions and pronouns: You need to consider the best option you will use and think which sounds better.
  • Content words: Content words are getting the main content of the paper-adjectives, adverbs and main verbs. Minor words are known as function words and you can replace those words by replacing it with other expressions or synonyms.
  • Synonyms: With online paraphrasing tool, you can replace the content of the document by using synonyms. You need to restructure the sentences to present a great paraphrased paper.

paraphrasing techniquesThere are still many techniques you can learn online and the listed above are basic techniques that will not give you a hard time but it makes your task easier. If paraphrasing is a hard task for you, no need to worry because there are techniques you can learn. It is your best help so don’t miss the chance to learn about it since it makes your task easier.

Many students are having a hard time in paraphrasing but don’t you worry because the time you learn the basic techniques, you know what you should do. If others can’t do it, do not include yourself instead believe that you can do it since you have a guide.

Apply the common paraphrasing technique today and know what you get from it. Start to paraphrase now!