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9 Unbelievable Attempts to Rephrase Disputable Things

How do you paraphrase effectively without changing the meaning? Paraphrasing is an important writing skill, but it may be easier said than done for most people. Don’t worry! There are methods for effective rewriting for when you paraphrase yourself or you can just use online paraphrasing tool.
rephrase words

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Paraphrasing Techniques

  • Looking away from the source when writing 

Read the essay a couple of times before rephrasing. This will help a lot in terms of speeding the task and coming up with the best results. If you understand the topic and its entire presentation, you won’t find it hard to paraphrase. And to test that you actually comprehend the text, you should look away from the essay or source when writing. Understanding it and looking away from the source when performing the task helps you write faster and easier.

  • Write in your own words

Take notes so that you won’t miss important dates, names and events. This will help you for a reference when finalizing your paper.
Once you know how to perform these things independently and without difficulty, then you can be sure that you are on the right track. Anyway, you can check your paper later for the essential information you should not miss and maybe recheck it with a paraphrasing tool.

Unbelievable Attempts in Rephrasing Disputable Things

  1. The Keystone Pipeline: The proposed oil pipeline would have extended from Canada to the Gulf. Senator Joni Ernst was one recipient of the lobbying money, and she was also one of the biggest champions of the pipeline. She introduced the Keystone Pipeline bill, and called it the “Keystone Jobs Bill.”
  2. Illegal Whale Hunting (For Science): Whaling is a well-known illegal practice. The International Whaling Commission issued a global ban in 1988. After the ban, the Japanese decided they would start calling it a different name. They termed it ‘scientific whaling.’
  3. Dead Astronauts: The destruction of the Challenger space shuttle in 1986 was the biggest disaster NASA has ever faced. NASA spokespeople referred to the disaster as an ‘anomaly.’

Now if you think that the facts or passage itself is extremely difficult to rewrite, you can always seek the help of the experts.

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