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4 Amazing Hints to Paraphrase Text

Why Do You Need Our Help to Paraphrase Text?

rewrite my textWhen you paraphrase what another person has said or written, it is not simply changing a word or two or rearranging their sentences, you might as well use the original passage in quotation marks. Your paraphrase must be sufficiently distinct from the original passage while conveying the author’s facts or conclusions accurately in your own unique style. Paraphrasing is often used to demonstrate your understanding of the ideas of the author, to help others by explaining difficult concepts, when you want to change the emphasis of the ideas to better match your own context or wish to avoid overuse of direct quotes and risk losing your own voice. You have to understand your goals when you think about rewrite my essay.

A lot of people find the whole process of completely changing the wording, yet keeping the same meaning very difficult to achieve and so end up losing concentration and copy from the original work. When you start to ‘rewrite my text’ you must always ensure that you don’t plagiarize the work, you must maintain your focus throughout the whole process as whether intentional or not, plagiarism can lead to very dire consequences.

Is Help Available to Paraphrase My Text?

paraphrase textThere are many information pages available online that can assist you to ‘paraphrase my text’ or you may even want to try a professional writing service like ours that have qualified experts always available. Those same experts have provided 4 amazing hints that should help you in preparation to start your paraphrase assignment and keep in mind them while using online paraphrase tool:

  • Understand the source. Before any writing commences, ensure that you have fully read and understood the concept or point the original author has written. It is impossible to paraphrase something unless you understand it completely and will result in you just rearranging their words, which is plagiarism.
  • Take notes. When reading through the work that you wish to paraphrase, take notes that cover any key points or terminology and then write your own paragraph looking only at your notes and not at the original source document. It is better once you have your notes to put the original work away until you have finished.
  • Break it down. Instead of trying to cover too much information in one go, especially if you are trying to paraphrase full paragraphs or complete works. Break it down into sentences so that you cover one point at a time. Use note cards that cover each key point which makes it easier to assemble in the right order.
  • Compare to the original. Once you have finished to ‘rewrite my text’ compare it to the original to ensure that your version is accurate and consistent with the original intent of the writer but uses entirely different wording and not too many synonyms. The idea is that this should show how well you use your sources to support your arguments.

“Paraphrasing is when you take the essence of what another writer has said and write this by using some of the commonly used language ‘chunks’ that make it clear you are re-telling someone else’s ideas. You must, of course, still acknowledge where the original ideas came from by adding a reference. It is not sufficient to simply change one or two words”.

The Writing Centre, University of Adelaide (

Professional help to paraphrase text is always available by getting in touch with our experts who are always available to answer any further questions you may have!

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