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3 Easy Ways to Get Qualified Research Paper Paraphrasing Help

Why Do You Need a Research Paper Paraphrasing Service?

paraphrasing in a research paperParaphrasing is the process of taking another person’s work and rewriting it using completely different words but keeping the original meaning. This is done for a number of reasons, not least of which is to make an original piece of writing easier to understand or to incorporate their work into your research paper without having to provide quotes all through it. There is a danger that when paraphrasing in a research paper that you start copying directly from the original without realizing and even with the right citations, this is still regarded as plagiarism because it is not your own wording and will land you in a whole heap of trouble.

While carrying out any paraphrasing you need to remain focused, read the original material over and over so that you completely understand it before starting to write. Simply trying to change a word here and there breaks the general rules for carrying out paraphrasing in that you shouldn’t repeat more than 4 words in a row from the original source, (many institutions limit that to 3) and that it should be correctly cited at the end of your paper in which ever format is required.

“If you are like most students, you will discover that it can be very difficult to resist the temptation simply to use the wording that is found in the source. After all, it is likely that one of the reasons the passage strikes you is that it is so well expressed. You may find yourself thinking, “That’s just what I want to say. In fact, now that I’ve seen it expressed that way, I can’t think of any other way of saying it. Those are my thoughts.” But they are not. At the very least, they are not your words”.

Peter Horban, Simon Fraser University (

How to Find Paraphrasing Research Paper Help

paraphrasing in a research paperParaphrasing in a research paper is something that cannot be avoided, unless you want to hand in work that is just full of quotations and which will then be handed back to be altered or worse, given the ‘F’ grade. So many people that have a hard time with paraphrasing now look for professional help outside of their institution to assist them and there are a multitude of companies and individuals around all offering their ‘expert’ help, for the right price of course. To assist you with finding the best paraphrasing research paper help, our team has provided some insights in to have you might achieve this:

  • Word of mouth. Ask around, there will be many other students that have gone through the exact same crisis as you are going through to get their work completed, especially to tight deadlines. See who has used an online service or found a listing somewhere that they can highly recommend to provide a good service.
  • Online websites. When searching the internet for paraphrasing providers, you will literally be given a long list of over 150,000 results to choose from. So how do you choose which is a good auto paraphrase tool? Generally speaking, the providers in the first few pages will have had the most visitors so try them first. When checking through their websites, start making a list to compare them, things like:
    • Pricing
    • Range of services
    • Testimonials – and if they can be verified
    • Toll free phone support
    • Discount scheme
    • Support through IM chat

    Other things to bear in mind when looking through these websites is their content; does it seem tired and outdated, are the graphics really old and hastily done. These are signs that show a lack of care in their advertising so may lead to a lack of care in the services they provide. You can also pay attention to additional services of the websites, for instance resume rewrite service.

  • Yellow pages. It may seem odd now to the younger generation that pre-internet life used newspapers and magazines as a focal point for posting advertisements for services. Although to a lesser degree in today’s modern world, the same still holds true. Many services can still be found in professional magazines, newspapers and even the yellow pages (an A to Z of all local services) if available.

So if you are looking for research paper paraphrasing help, try our tips above or simply get in touch with our professional team here now who will be only too pleased to provide all the assistance you require!

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