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10 Tips on How to Paraphrase in an Essay

The basic idea in paraphrasing is rewriting a direct quote or sentence in an essay using your own words. It will never be considered as paraphrasing when you just copy the words of the author and paste it on your paper. This is plagiarism and not paraphrasing. To have a successful paraphrasing a paragraph, here is what you need to do.

Great Tips on How to Paraphrase in Essay

  • To paraphrase essay, you need to transform the passage from an essay into your own words while retaining the meaning.
  • It is also important to get the main ideas of the essay and you can do it by carefully reading the essay. You should understand each section so that you know what you will do. Understanding the essay allows you to get the main ideas.
  • Rewording is one of the best tips you can do to paraphrase my essay. With this, you are required to get the idea in the essay and rewrite it using different words.
  • The time you get the idea of the essay, this is the time to put away the essay and start paraphrasing. After that, try to remember what the main message of the essay and start to write; then go back to the original text and compare if you perfectly get the message or not.
  • In paraphrasing, you can also try changing active voice to passive voice. For instance, if the sentence is in active, turn it into passive voice and vice versa. This is one of the effective tips that most students are doing.
  • Do not forget to include citations if needed. Sometimes, citations are important to do because you are acknowledging the author or the writer works.
  • Always keep the main idea. You can use words so that you can have successful paraphrasing; however, you need to keep it simple for readers to understand your message clearly.
  • Avoid including personal inputs because what you need to do is to present author’s intention ideas. It is not paraphrasing when you include your own ideas or inputs.
  • Make the paraphrase as yours and it should not be same as the original essay. If there is a resemblance, better to revise it.
  • Editing and proofreading before submitting your paraphrasing is important. This will allow you to know if there are mistakes in your paper.

There you have the tips to remember to make your life and work easier. Check out more tips on paraphrasing today!

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